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Selling Real Estate

When it comes to selling real estate, there are a few key strategies that can make the process easier and more successful. But strategy is only as good as the person who implements it. See below some key factors to consider before choosing the Realtor who can help you with one of our largest investments. 

Prepare The Property

The first step is to ensure your property is in good condition before listing it on the market. This means taking care of any needed repairs, cleaning up the space, and possibly staging the home for future buyers. Doing these things will help make sure you’re starting off on the right foot when it comes time to list your property.

As your Realtor, my job starts here too. I help with decisions on what to replace and/or repair. I also gather information like building plans, homeowner association rules, potential rental income, and more. I will try to answer every question about your property before the potential buyer asks it. 

Pricing and More Preparation

Pricing your property correctly is also essential for quick sales. If you set a price that’s too high, then you risk missing out on potential buyers who don’t want to pay such a premium for your home. On the other hand, setting a price that’s too low could mean leaving money on the table. It's always best to do some research and talk with an experienced real estate broker who can provide insights into current market values and pricing trends.

Also, having an effective marketing strategy should be an integral part of selling your home quickly. Investing in professional photography or staging services can enhance the appeal of your listing photos, while advertising online or through print media can help draw more attention from prospective buyers.

Focus on Your Strengths

Finally, having a responsible and trusted advisor is imperative to sell your property and keep your sanity. Most people are capable to file their own taxes, paint their own house, or manage their 401k's, but do they have the time and expertise to do it well? The same goes for selling a real estate holding. Not only is it done better and quicker with a professional, you save your time for what you want to do. Now that is called "self-care".

I have been in the real estate industry since 2002, and I have focused on real estate in the Aspen, Snowmass Village, and Roaring Fork Valley since 2005. I have the connections to make the transaction as smooth as possible. 

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